VM won't connect to multichain on another VM

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I followed the get started tutoial and set up my own blockchain on an Azure linux VM, I set up another VM and when I ran the multichaind mychain@IP:Port command it gives this 

Error : can not connect to  mychain@IP:Port make sure  Multichain is unning on port.

my first vm's ip adress is :, my second's IP is But the IP they give me to connect with is different from the public one.

Another question is : do all of my nodes have to be in the same network as my root node or I can connect from other networks?

asked Jul 23, 2020 by AtlasQ

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It sounds like this is probably a firewall problem and you need to open up the port that MultiChain nodes are connecting to each other on (see the default-network-port blockchain parameter).

It's possible to connect MultiChain nodes anywhere across the Internet.

answered Jul 23, 2020 by MultiChain
Thank you so much!