Connect local node to frontend hosted on a server online

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I was working running a multichain node and a frontend locally (making request to localhost). Now I want to put the frontend hosted in AWS or another hosting provider, but I don't know, what i've to do to communicate mi multichain node to the online frontend. The idea is communicate the chain node and frontend assuming that aren't neccesary in the same network.
Can you give me advice or information on how to approach this challenge?
asked Jun 2, 2019 by SimonCM

1 Answer

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All communication between the front end and the node is via the JSON-RPC API, whether it's local or remote, so there's no problem at all separating the two. You just need to set the rpcallowip runtime parameter on the node to ensure that it will accept incoming API requests from your remote server.

answered Jun 4, 2019 by MultiChain
Thanks for the quick response, searching in another posts I found the same answer about use rpcallowip, also I had to port forwarding my router. Now is everything working fine!