Throughput per node vs throughput overall

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I'm trying to estimate the transaction throughput by sending multiple sequential transactions using my node's burner address. The test shows that the single node can process around 100 tx/s.

Let's say I add another node to the network. Each node independently processes its transactions. Does this mean that, with even distribution of transactions between the two nodes, the throughput of the entire blockchain is now 200 tx/s? (if we ignore propagation time between nodes)
asked Jul 6, 2020 by Igor

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First you should be able to do much more than 100 tx/s using sequential transactions sending to the burn address, assuming you're not on a very slow cloud server, and that there is not significant latency between the application sending the API requests and the node.

Second, since every node processes every transaction, adding more nodes does not increase (nor decrease) the throughput of the blockchain.
answered Jul 7, 2020 by MultiChain
Thanks for your help.
I've been trying to improve the throughput without any luck.
I'm currently testing on my local machine w/ windows, i7 4770k (3.50-3.99GHz), 32GB ram.
I test with multiple sendAssetFrom calls but a single request is never processed quicker than 7 ms so that gives around 143 tx/s (sequential). I also tried sending async requests but there is not much improvement, still below 200 tx/s. The cpu usage for the multichaind.exe process never exceeds 6%.
All the multichain params are default, except the key versions (I'm using the bitcoin key format).
Any ideas on how to pump those numbers up?
Thanks for those details. Generally we do see better performance on Linux than Windows, but if your multichaind process is only at 6% that doesn't seem like the issue here. You could also try sending multiple JSON-RPC requests in a single HTTP requests.
I decided to conduct the same test on my laptop w/ ubuntu and the outcome is much better (around 800 tx/s). My laptop's specs are much worse so there must be something wrong with my windows machine. Either way I'm happy with the results now. Thanks for you help again.
Great, thanks. In general MultiChain on Windows does perform more slowly.