Asset issue taking a long time

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Hi there, i'm having an issue when creating an asset - it is taking quite a long time to confirm the asset before I can start sending it to different addresses - It seems to be getting slower as the chain gets bigger:


 ChainBlocksTransactionsAssetsAddressesPeersStartedAge (days)
ConnectedMultiChain chain1116709117613873412016-06-0917.9

But surely it shouldn't be taking so long as it is still very small in relative terms. It takes over a minute sometimes...

Thanks for the help

asked Jun 27, 2016 by Grant

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I assume this is also how long it's taking a block to be created, i.e. that the asset creation is being confirmed in the next block, but it's just taking that block a long time to come?
answered Jun 27, 2016 by MultiChain
Hey, yes that seems to be the case - any way to speed this up? Does a new asset require a newly created block to be merged into at block create time? Any other transactions require the creation of a block before going through?
Is it possible you had some mining nodes which stopped mining? That might explain the longer than expected block time.
Hey, no I don't think so - I have the master node and one other mining the blocks - they do take a while to generate though.
1) What should a typical response time be when issuing a new asset?
2) Are assets only created in a new block?
Assets are created immediately but they can only be transferred once their genesis has been confirmed in a block, because of how they are referenced internally. Do you have the option of starting a new chain? If so I can suggest how it should be configured so that the block times stay short.
Thanks for your revert, yes I do have the option of starting a new chain :)

I noticed something saying you shouldn't run multiple chains on the same infrastructure - does this still apply?
No problem running multiple chains on the same infrastructure, not sure where you saw that. Anyway if you create a new chain, set target-adjust-freq in the blockchain parameters to 2000000000 before starting it. That should prevent the block generation slowing down with time. We'll also be doing something like this by default in future versions.
Great, thank you