Multichain chain not responding issue

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While I am trying to make rpc calls to multichain chain, the chain is not responding and I got as below:

multichain-cli chainv11 getinfo

error: no response from server

And also got the same response while trying to stop the chain:

 multichain-cli chainv11 stop

error: no response from server

and I couldn't get response until I rebooted the server .
asked May 26, 2020 by mina

1 Answer

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Yes, this simply means that the node has stopped running, so it is not responding to API requests. The question is why it stopped running, perhaps it was issued a stop command, or a kill command was run on the command line. If neither of these are true you can look in debug.log for more information.

answered May 27, 2020 by MultiChain
neither of the mentioned commands issued, and while the issue happened again, checking debug.log doesn't contain any error.Below are the last lines within debug.log and during this hanging, nothing wrote in debug.log file
2020-05-26 16:39:57 MultiChainMiner: Block Found - 00422f923023706406fd09a3ca12089f03b784a5adf46d66dcbbd51ebc5b985f, prev: 006eaca7031fe328ef9eae50395ec8103feb0e2e9ee5486769c7fb2f47b77096, height: 3496, txs: 1
2020-05-26 16:39:57 UpdateTip:            new best=00422f923023706406fd09a3ca12089f03b784a5adf46d66dcbbd51ebc5b985f  height=3496  log2_work=19.771902  tx=4757  date=2020-05-26 16:39:57 progress=1.000000  cache=0