Web Demo not opening chain

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I have successfully installed the web-demo, along with php, curl and apache.

When I go to my servers IP followed by /index.php it will load the front page but when I click on my multichain blockchain name it takes me to the apache2 ubuntu default page at http://x.x.x.x/?chain=default

I tried right clicking and choosing inspect source and it will only show the html section of the index.php file.

EDIT: So I figured out what I had done wrong, I moved all the files from web-demo folder into /var/www/html instead of just moving the folder there. I moved the folder then went to x.x.x.x/multichain-web-demo and it loads. Now it is only loading the first node and not both.

Any help is much appreciated!

asked Feb 10, 2018 by joe

1 Answer

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You need to configure the nodes in the config.txt file as per the README. If you're using the Web Demo on one server to access a node on another server, you also need to check that node will accept the incoming API requests. See the rpcallowip runtime parameter.

answered Feb 11, 2018 by MultiChain