Add comment with senfrom

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Hi, could you please help on this?


Im trying to add a simple comment to a sendfrom method using multichain-node.

ie: const tx = await multi.sendfrom(from, to amount, comment);

The comment is a simple string : 'Server share';

I use the same format as with BTC Core, which accept it.


But I keep getting this with multichain:

Error: value is type str, expected real


Please advice.

asked May 25 by Inzider

1 Answer

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Please consult the documentation on sendfrom here, it looks like you missed a parameter:

answered May 27 by MultiChain

My fault, I did refactor my code and was trying to fix to floating decimal on amount with .toFixed() in js, which return a string...

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Thanks for your reply.
Nice work - multichain is beauty!