How can I add a comment when issue/issuemore an asset?

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How can I add a comment when issue/issuemore an asset?

For example, I issue an ticket for an event, so I want to tag this issurance transaction with something like ("Ticket for the woman day" ) . Or if I want to deposit to an address, I would like to enter  the purpose of the deposit.
asked Mar 30, 2016 by tuanba1

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Yes, you can have as many custom fields as you want when using the issue and issuemore APIs. You pass these as a JSON object (string values only) as a parameter to the API call.

Also when sending a transaction you can add metadata using calls such as sendwithmetadatafrom.

See the API docs for more information:

answered Mar 30, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Mar 31, 2016 by tuanba1
Thanks for the answer.
However, as my understanding, if I use custom-fields in issue/issuemore, these fields will be belong to the asset.  
For example, if the fisttime, I use: issue   ... ticket.... '{"field1":"value1"}'
Second, I use: issuemore   ... ticket.... '{"field2":"value2"}

If I goto the explorer, I will see the asset "ticket" has metadata field1 and field2. That is not what I want
What I want is, the metadata should not belong to "ticket" , but the transaction which issue the "ticket".
Transaction 1 with issue should have "field1"
Transaction 2 with issuemore should have field2

Is the any chance to achieve it?
You can choose to interpret the fields however you like, but if you're concerned by this appearance, then do the initial issuance with zero units, then use issuemore after that, when you can set the details on each issuance and there will be no properties which appear as the top asset level.