How to Add Issue Asset function to a BTC Wallet for Multichain

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We will be forking a btc wallet and creating it for our multichain instance. Is their a particular part in the code we look for so that when we add "Issue Asset/Create Asset" to our wallet, those who use the wallet instead of the web demo or downloading the multichain core will be able to perform those functions from within the wallet? It would be great to be able to add all features in the web demo, into a web/mobile wallet that people can use. If it works for us we will gladly share.

Thank you so much for any help on this.
asked Jan 2, 2018 by AITCA

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If you want to add functionality to a bitcoin-derived wallet that creates special MultiChain transactions for permissioning, assets or streams, then you should consult our detailed documentation on the format for these transactions. For example, in terms of asset issuance, you'll find all the information you need here:
answered Jan 2, 2018 by MultiChain