Using multiple addresses as wallets

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Good day, I'm thinking of a loyalty program run on MultiChain tech and I need to check that I am understanding this correctly. I am running two nodes currently. I have the master node and an additional node. Right now I'm creating assets on the master and creating addresses on the additional. Each address is a wallet right, and there are an unlimited amount of wallets that one could create?

I also need to look at setting up a simple API for wallet transactions (so I don't allow access to the node API) and will connect an ios/android app with its own security key and link an address to this and then this pulls the relevant detail from my simple API and also pushes transactions through.

Right track?
asked Jun 13, 2016 by Grant

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Yes, the "wallet" in the node contains the private keys for multiple addresses, so you can consider this as multiple "wallets" if you like (it's just a question of terminology). Any process which has direct access to the node API can spend funds from any of these addresses (and can control which using the *from API calls).

To safely allow sharing of the node between multiple users, you should create a separate API layer as you suggest. You might also want to consider using watch-only addresses (importaddress call) and holding the private keys outside the MultiChain wallet, although that will be more complicated because you need to manually sign the transactions.

answered Jun 13, 2016 by MultiChain