Max number of addresses per node

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Hi Multichain Team,

What is the max number of addresses which I can create per node? Can I create lets say 1 million addresses on one node?

Actually I was thinking of a B2C(business to consumer) usecase and thinking if it can be implemented using multichain.
asked Sep 26, 2016 by amanc

1 Answer

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There is no hard limit but you will experience performance problems, since MultiChain has not yet been designed to scale to this many addresses in a single wallet. For example, the process of coin selection can be very slow with more than a few thousand addresses. We know what's necessary to make this possible (mainly, better indexing), but we just haven't done it yet.
answered Sep 26, 2016 by MultiChain
Does this limitation also pertain to watch-only addresses when storing private keys externally and using the importaddress API?
The main scalability problem occurs during coin selection. So if you're trying to generate transactions (even for external signing) on a wallet with millions of addresses (even if watch-only), I'm afraid you'll still have the same problem.
Is one possible solution to limit the number of address in a single node's wallet via my application's API?
Yes, of course, because in any event the API is the only thing that can cause addresses to be added.