Can we restrict permissions by metadata? [closed]

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As above. Example, node A can only view transactions with a metadata of 1234.....4321. node B can only view transactions with a metadata of 4321....1234.

Additional feature request for more user friendliness, instead of just hexadecimal metadata, could a future release have more metadata? eg, tags containing strings, category, author, comments, etc. Would be nice if the metadata could store a JSON style object string.
closed with the note: Question answered. P.s. would be nice to have a higher level api to achieve that metadata thing though
asked May 30, 2016 by Matt
closed May 31, 2016

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In general you can't restrict view permissions on a blockchain, because every node sees every transaction.

In terms of storing JSON in metadata, you can certainly do this at the application level - just take the JSON string, convert it to hexadecimal, and embed that in the transaction metadata.
answered May 30, 2016 by MultiChain