How to access the API from a client application?

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I've created a VM from the Resource Manager Template for Azure that you have provided. I managed to connect to the VM via SSH and see that multichain was installed correctly.

Now my target is to have 2 nodes (so I assume that the second I should create manually?) and to access the blockchain via the API. Basically I want to develop a client application that would access the api. Normally, with other services you would have somenthing like

However I can't seem to find any information regarding the API address and about ways to use it in the documentation. Could you please help?

Thank you!
asked May 25, 2016 by Constantin

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MultiChain uses JSON-RPC for its API, and the port number is different for each blockchain with the default set in the default-roc-port value of the blockchain parameters.

You will also find libraries for several popular languages at the bottom of this page:

answered May 26, 2016 by MultiChain