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  • Being Stream Item is a regular transaction, Is the stream itself has it's own chain with a blocks which contain items[transactions]. For Ex. in stream1 is a totally different chain than chain1? if not how to make sure that those items are on that chain if I have multiple chains.
  • Is number of stream items per block [transactions] is controlled by some way or it depend on the size of items and size of blocks?
  • I have a use case that requires dealing with a huge amount of data [ encrypted text and files ] and I have 2 proposal can work: one is one stream contains all the data and the other is using multiple streams to deal with those data which is better from the performance and architecture point of view?
asked Jan 12, 2020 by mina

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All stream items go into the same blockchain. A stream item is just a special type of transaction which is tagged as containing data. Nodes which subscribe to the stream then index that data in real-time.

The limit on stream items per block depends on general transaction limits – see 'Production Recommendations' at the bottom of this page:

There is no meaningful difference in performance between using one or multiple streams. But you might want to consider using off-chain data (which has built-in support in MultiChain 2.0) for greater flexibility.
answered Jan 13, 2020 by MultiChain