Multichain explorer issue

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Multichain Explorer is running very slow. Sometimes it even crashed and I had to relaunch the process. We can't have this problem when our blockchain is going live. Any solution to this?
asked Apr 27, 2016 by Cypher
What volume of transactions are you doing?
User initiated transactions must be around 100. But most of the blocks contain the auto generated "mining" related transactions. Currently the blockchain contains nearly 13900 blocks.
The problem doesn't happen always. In fact the explorer I set up for the blockchain I'm running currently, ran into an issue few days ago where the explorer process halts often and even the database got corrupted. I cleared the explorer's database once and then rehosted the explorer, and then it's stable till now. For testing purposes, I've run many blockchains on the server and set up the multichain explorer for them. I noticed the performance issue with explorer in most cases.
Have you been updating the explorer frequently?  There have been some database changes over the past month.  If the database wasn't cleared (deleted) and a new one created with the transactions reloaded, it may have seemed like there was some kind of corruption.  Let me know if you see errors in the explorer log.  With regards to performance issues, can you provide more detail such as which pages of the explorer are slow, etc?  Thanks.

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My multichain explorer almost halt now, the chain has 150k blocks at the moment, is there a way find out why this is happening? I have to restart the background process using nohup command for it to work for a few minutes,
answered Nov 16, 2016 by chunhui323
this seems to be problem with the following settings
params.dat target-block-time = 10  (recommended minimum 15 seconnds, yeah i put 10 seconds)
multitichain-explorer catch_up_tx_interval_secs = 60 ( 60 default)

with the following changes, the explorer stays alive for long period of time.
multitichain-explorer catch_up_tx_interval_secs = 20 (default)

anyone can explain why? is target-block-time=10 the problem?
Thanks for the update.

How full are your blocks?  How many transactions in each block?  If your blocks are very full with many transactions, it may be that when you use your browser to access the explorer, it tries to catch up even in just 60 seconds, and there is too much work to do and so the explorer appears to be unresponsive.

Before restarting, did you check to see that the Python process running the explorer was still alive?  Or had it terminated with an error message?

If this is a test chain, can you share your explorer data (sqlite) and chain data (.multichain/...) with me for analysis?  Email is