Couldn't initialize asset database for blockchain

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Hello guys !

I'm developing a MVP with multichain and my "genesis" node crashed. After rebooting got error with permission lock, solved erasing permission.* BUT now a new error appear, please there is any solution?

Also, I notice something strange, my second node steel working even without the first node

# multichaind chain-0@ &

Is ok...but when I try to run my fisrt node (genesis on IP

~/.multichain/chain-0 $ multichaind chain-0 -daemon -reindex=1

MultiChain Core Daemon build 1.0 alpha 19 protocol 10005

MultiChain server starting
~/.multichain/chain-0 $ Error: ERROR: Couldn't initialize asset database for blockchain chain-0. Exiting...
asked Apr 26, 2016 by giullianomorroni

1 Answer

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This error means the database was in inconsistent state when the node crashed. You can remove entities.* and restart multichaind with -reindex=1.
answered Apr 27, 2016 by Michael
thanks for the answer....we are betting in multichain solution...great job !
Where I can find entities.* files ? Because I can't find it inside of chain folder
Probably you are using older version of MultiChain (or the chain was created by old version). In this case you should delete assets.*
How can I upgrade to the new version? Is it difficult?
To upgrade MultiChain code, you just have to stop multichaind on all nodes (multichain-cli stop), download new version and start multichaind again.

But you cannot upgrade protocol version of existing chain. You can see chain protocol version (10002-10005) when multichaind starts or by running "multichain-cli getinfo" command. You have to create new chain ("multichain-util create").
I had the same problem in past