Starting multichain bug

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I have setup multichain on 6 nodes and when i connect any of the 5 nodes to seed node by typing:

multichaind chainname@ip:rpc

the new node gets params etc whatever it needs, then it prints the message to ask seed node for permissions, all standard procedure.

now when i run multichaind chainname -daemon the node should start, and it tries to start but it never does.

and ive tried this a few times. then when i go to the seed node and grant the permissions the node starts normally. im pretty sure i was able to start nodes before granting permissions in the past and that this isnt expected behaviour so i thought i should report it.
asked Apr 25, 2016 by SlobodanMargetic

1 Answer

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You cannot start a node (beyond the initial connection attempt) if it's trying to connect to an existing blockchain, but does not have permission to connect. Not sure what you saw before but this is the intended behavior.
answered Apr 26, 2016 by MultiChain