RHEL7 Error: Couldn't connect to the seed node

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We've been using multichain successfully on ubuntu 14.0.4 for few months now and it is great however recently we had to implement a cluster on RHEL7 boxes.

The problem that we are facing is that when we try to connect the second node to the the first one we get:

Error: Couldn't connect to the seed node on port 7191 - please check multichaind is running at that address and that your firewall settings allow incoming connections.

We can telnet, we can ping the hosts, we can see the connection in the debug logs.

When debugging Node-2 tries to connect to Node-1, Node-1 logs that Node-2 doesn't have permissions ( which is expected ) and then rejects it. However from the normal workflow in ubuntu you get a line that says:

multichain-cli <blockchain-name> grant Node-02-address connect,send,receive

In this case we don't get a message, it simply dies with the error above. If from the debug logs we find the address of Node-2 and give it permissions  from Node-1 with the line above, we are able to connects and everything works fine. So my question is do you know why the response from Node-1 is failing and is this a RHEL problem.


asked Apr 13, 2016 by MrJew
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It sounds like it could be a bug. Are you able to zip up the debug.log files from both nodes and place them somewhere online for us to look at? Alternatively I can provide an email address to send them, if they are not too large.
answered Apr 13, 2016 by MultiChain
If possible you can give me an email, such sites tend to be banned from the internal network.
I sent you a private message with the email address.