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I try encrypted data transmission in multichain (on VM) according to your instructions. (

At the moment, I struggle with that part under "Publish an RSA key pair" wich says:

You should see a block of alphanumeric gibberish, surrounded by BEGIN PRIVATE KEY and END PRIVATE KEY lines. This is an RSA private key. Now let’s generate a public key from that, convert it immediately to hexadecimal, store it in the pubkeyhex shell variable, and take a look:

pubkeyhex=$(openssl rsa -pubout -in ~/.multichain/chain1/stream-privkeys/.pem | xxd -p -c 9999)
echo $pubkeyhex

Finally, let’s publish our public key as an unlabelled item in the pubkeys stream, which should return a transaction ID:

multichain-cli chain1 publishfrom pubkeys '' $pubkeyhex


For the line "pubkeyhex=$(openssl rsa -pubout -in ~/.multichain/chain1/stream-privkeys/.pem | xxd -p -c 9999)" I get "Can't open /home/...... for reading, No such file or directory ... unable to load Private Key"


I tried it without the xxd part like: "pubkeyhex=$(openssl rsa -pubout -in ~/.multichain/chain1/stream-privkeys/.pem)", than it says "writing RSA key". So I guess that's ok, because with the following "echo $pubkeyhex" it gives me a public key (BEGIN PUBLIC KEY ....... END PUBLIC KEY).


But the last step from the heading (multichain-cli chain1 publishfrom pubkeys '' $pubkeyhex) returns a long error message (error code: -1) with arguments and examples but I don't see what's wrong...

Do I have to complete this line with an address or something??


Thanks in advance for your help.







asked Aug 2, 2019 by anonymous
Ok, last problem solved.

But now I have a new one:

the mentioned data /proc/cpuinfo is just a simple txt.
But I need to send PDF and docx - how does that work??? Not with those commands in hexadecimal, I guess.

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There are fields on the tutorial page where you need to enter information, in order for the instructions to be completed. Based on what you're pasting it looks like you may not have done that.
answered Aug 3, 2019 by MultiChain
I putted the "1..." local address in the field as required.
multichain-cli chain1 publishfrom 1... pubkeys '' $pubkeyhex
Still error
You need to put in the full address, not 1... - that is just an example. If you follow the instructions on the page carefully they will tell you how to find the full address.
Yes I did, but forgot to set the last ")", so it could be solved, thank you.