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I've been trying to build and get a custom version ( increased that filter size limit ) and running in a docker environment for probably about 3 hours now and I just got a hold on a comment of yours saying that your build process is different than stated in the

I'm kinda frustrated by this but what's done is done.

I wanted to know if you plan to release that process or maybe we can arrange something? You can find me through here:

asked Jul 27, 2019 by tloriato

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The build process we publish is for Ubuntu systems, which presumably you should be able to use together with Docker. The multi-Linux executable that we distribute has a very complex build process that we are not documenting publicly.
answered Jul 30, 2019 by MultiChain
selected Jul 30, 2019 by tloriato
I realized that. Sadly I wasn't using Ubuntu on the Docker and changing it is going to be some trouble. But if you aren't ready to share the process that's what I'll have to do.