Build multichain-based blockchain project

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What is the best way to build multichain-based blockchain project where miners have to apply a specif set of rules (different than bitcoin rules) and the created blockchain will be used to store information that will be farther used by clients nodes?

Is it just about creating script files, to setup the parameters of the blockchain in param.dat file or more than that?
asked Oct 26, 2017 by nour

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You should start by following this tutorial:

If you need to implement custom rules for transaction verification, you can create a custom build of MultiChain with changes to the AcceptMultiChainTransaction() function, or you can wait for filters in MultiChain 2.0.

answered Oct 27, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for the clarification.
Does that mean that transactions actually are accepted in MultiChain the same way they are accepted in Bitcoin?
When the version 2 will be released?
There are a lot of differences between how MultiChain and Bitcoin Core validate transactions, so I'm not sure how to answer your first question.

Version 2.0 is under intensive development and we aim to have it in solid beta in late 2018. Look out for preview/alpha releases along the way.
Is there any doc. about how MultiChain validate transactions?
There's no single place, but if you look through the advanced documentation linked on the MultiChain developers page, you'll see how all sorts of things are represented in the transaction formats, and how rules are applied.