Error Code: -8, appendrawdata is causing an error.

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For the command,

>multichain-cli chain0 appendrawdata 0100000001d120e3f356c03146e41d23efd91c810290c8866c82b23c5db58834578615fefb0100000000ffffffff0200000000000000002776a914f409a65be34f90e4d765d454b5d9d99e80e713f088ac0c73706b67d0070000000000007500000000000000002776a914f73278fbab7d2ad40e3844915d8fb285491949ab88ac0c73706b67b80b0000000000007500000000 "{\"name\":\"asset7\",\"multiple\":10,\"open\":true,\"details\":{\"origin\":\"uk\",\"stage\":\"one\"}}"

I am encountering an error such as,

error code: -8
error message:
Unrecognized parameter format


How to solve this?
asked May 27, 2019 by krishnax16

1 Answer

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As of MultiChain 2.0, if you want to add metadata representing an asset issuance, you also need this as part of the metadata object:


(I'm assuming here that you're using Windows.)

answered May 27, 2019 by MultiChain
selected May 28, 2019 by krishnax16
We updated the part of the documentation where you were taking this from, to include this new information.