Script to deploy multichain and blockchains

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Hi, i would like to write a bash script wich will automaticaly deploy .tar etc on a new node but also to make this new node connect on my  blockchains.

The problem is when I do "multichaind CHAINNAME@ip;port " I see my connection's adress but I have to add this by myself using a node already connected.

The problem is how can I do to automaticaly get this adress and write rights on it to allow the adress of my new node to connect on my blockchain, on my script?

asked Feb 27, 2019 by Thomas H

1 Answer

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See the shortoutput runtime parameter which allows you to have a much more concise output containing only the information you need (in this case, the address that requires connect permissions). You can then pass this back to a node with an administrator address to grant the necessary permission.

answered Feb 28, 2019 by MultiChain