Practical deployment for MultiChain startups

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Let us assume I have a blockchain startup idea. What's your advice on practical deployment of my MultiChain nodes? If I simply host all my nodes, then how different is it from being a centralized model that is how can I practically convince my clients that the backend is based on the blockchain (with all its inherent benefits).

I hope you understand my question. An example scenario may be a sufficient answer.


P.S I understand the technical differences between a private blockchain and a centralized database.

asked Sep 7, 2017 by Rosevelt

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I can provide our approach to the problem.

You wont have five, let alone everyone in the world signup and be a part of your chain, it wont happen until you provide value and gather partners. You need partners, your chain needs a purpose that collaborates with others, its a shared database afterall. This is the point of the chain.

Our approach is cautious.

1. Get the system built.

We are developing the chain and its functionality and will deploy with 3 nodes all in our power.

2. We are actively seeking partners that would take on a node thus expanding the democracy of the chain. For this particular project, our partners should be in the property industry, agencies, associations and so on. Working together with others is our goal. If you have a property related chain, talk to me.

3. Once partners have been established and the network expands to more nodes, begin opening it to others.

We could open the chain from the get-go, but our approach is to ensure the security of the chain and the robustness of the solution before democratizing it.


ie. It's in the hands of a centralized friendly giant eager to make friends.
answered Sep 8, 2017 by MaSsv