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Hi !  I try to put a blockchain with multichain and i wanted to set a stream size to 64MB, so i configure the file params.dat and it work, i saw  "Max 65535 KB" but when i tryed to upload a file of 60 MB it failed and not appear, even with a file of 7MB ... i only change the parameter :  max-std-tx-sizemax-std-op-return-size and maximum-block-size and set it to max value shown.

So i wanted to know if it's "normal" or i did something wrong. Thanks


asked Feb 14, 2019 by Pierrick

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It sounds like you are using the MultiChain Web Demo to upload files. Your problem is most likely to be that the web session between your browser and the server hosting the Web Demo is timing out while the file is uploading, and this is not a problem that MultiChain can solve. You may want to try publishing large files using the binary cache instead, via the multichain-cli command line (requires MultiChain 2.0, now in beta). The 'Getting Started' guide can show you how:

answered Feb 14, 2019 by MultiChain