Upgrading the chain's protocol [closed]

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Hello again.

After I updated the chain's software to the new beta and I ran `multichaind -version`, it showed that the new range of supported protocols are (20001-20006). So, I tried to upgrade the chain's protocol by running:

`multichain-cli chainName createfrom 1.. upgrade protocol_upgrade false '{"protocol-version":20006}'`

However, I am getting this error:

`Invalid value for protocol version. Valid range: 10004-10011, 20001-20004`

Am I missing something? Thanks for the help in advance.
closed with the note: Due to lack of reproducible case
asked Dec 20, 2018 by SDVII
closed Dec 24, 2018 by SDVII
The output of `multichaind -version` was the following:

`MultiChain 2.0 beta 1 Daemon (protocol 10004-10011, 20001-20006)`

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hope you deleted the previous node that you may have created (chainName ) or create a new node
answered Dec 20, 2018 by dannydias
Why should I delete it?
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Please make sure you stopped MultiChain node running the previous version (20004?) before upgrading to 20006.
answered Dec 20, 2018 by Michael
It is very strange. It doesn't makes sense to me because the list of supported protocol versions (10004-10011, 20001-20006) in  
'MultiChain 2.0 beta 1 Daemon (protocol 10004-10011, 20001-20006)'  and in
'Invalid value for protocol version. Valid range: 10004-10011, 20001-20004'

is generated by the same function. So it can happen only if they are created by different versions of multichaind. Can you please:

1. Stop the node. multichain-cli chainName stop
2. Make sure multichaind is not running. ps -ef | grep multichaind
3. Check multichaind version. multichaind -version (should be ...-20006)
4. Start multichaind.  multichaind chainName -daemon. Should have "(latest protocol 20006)" in startup messages
5. Make sure only one instance of multichaind is running. ps -ef | grep multichaind
6. Try to create upgrade. multichain-cli chainName createfrom 1.. upgrade protocol_upgrade false '{"protocol-version":20006}

Please make sure that you see
'Invalid value for protocol version. Valid range: 10004-10011, 20001-20004'

and not some other error
I am still getting the same error, and at this point I'll just continue with a new chain.

But the team should investigate this issue though
Hi, we're still confused how this issue could happen. If you are willing, please stop the node on the problematic blockchain, then zip up the entire blockchain directory and send it to us at multichain dot debug at gmail dot com. We'll then open it here in 2.0 beta 1 and see if we can reproduce the problem.
It was a test chain, so I deleted it once i got frustrated with it. A bad habbit I admit.

I'll ask if any if my coworkers who were peers on the chain still had it. I'll zip and send it.

Thanks for the interest.
Hello again.

First of all, thank you for following up on the issue and for your patience.

Secondly, I am sorry to say that I didn't find the chain in question at any of my coworkers devices, mainly because we are still testing the features of this chain and we usually end up with a lot of chain per day and we sometimes end purging them from time to time.

With that been said, for the sake of posterity, I tried to recreate the issue by creating a chain on alpha 5 with the same parameters and then upgrading it to the latest version. However, the whole thing went without a hitch.

I'd like to apologize for the confusion this ended up as, and if I ever encountered this issue again, I'll make sure to keep the chain this time around.

Thanks @Michael @MultiChain !