Webdemo is not connecting with multichain protocol version 20011

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Hi MC Team

I have been using multichain since 2017 , I am resuming some projects and I am trying to run webdemo and a I am facing an ERROR http 0 , I have checked rpcusername , rpcpassword, and I grant access using rpcallowip= and the problem continues, Multichain demo just does not connect to node using rpc. Perhaps is something to do with version protocol I haven't used 20011 before.

Any valuable help for this case?

asked Dec 20, 2019 by davotrade

1 Answer

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You can first please check whether you can connect remotely using multichain-cli, which has a bunch of command-line options for setting the rpc host, username and password manually. That will help narrow down the issue.

answered Dec 21, 2019 by MultiChain