charging more than native currency for stream creation

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I have created a chain for Non Fungible Token usage...with native currency transfer currency is 1 unit, but I wanted to charge more in chain for creation of a stream and a stream item with in it. Possible via smart filters?
asked Dec 18, 2018 by mark

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Yes, definitely, a transaction filter simply needs to look out for these stream events, and make sure the appropriate amount of native currency is sent to whichever address is deemed to have the right to collect it.
answered Dec 18, 2018 by MultiChain
If i have a chain, with no native currency, can you link the creation of assets or streams to another asset that must be paid before creation can happen. ie: 10 units of asset A must be transferred to a certain address at the creation time or the asset or stream is not created.
Yes, absolutely. The getfilterassetbalances() callback will help you here.