Can an admin issue more native currency?

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I'm currently in doubt if that's possible at all, I know admins can issue more of a single asset, but what about the native currency?
asked Mar 19, 2019 by tloriato

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I'm afraid the native currency is not under admin issuance control in this way. However it's possible to use the first-block-reward blockchain parameter to give a large amount of the native currency to the first address of the node which starts the chain, which will also (until changed) have admin privileges. This native currency amount can then be sent to other addresses as required, so this is quite similar in effect to new units being issued.

answered Mar 19, 2019 by MultiChain
selected Mar 19, 2019 by tloriato
Thanks for the answer, it gave me a few options to ponder about. One more question: I'm assume it's possible to create a transaction filter that makes the miner's fee payable only in the issued asset, right?
The miner's fee, in the sense of a fee that automatically goes to the miner who confirms the transaction, can only be payable in the native currency. But you could use a transaction filter to ensure that every transaction makes some payment in an asset to some other address or addresses that have "mine" permissions. But this payment would not be automatically assigned to whoever confirmed the transaction.
Thanks for the reply! This is a pretty huge issue for me then...

Is the impossibility of generating an arbitrary amount of native currency at will a design choice or is the implementation of it rather complex?
It's not a fundamental design choice, we just haven't had requests for it before. But please also consider this – if an admin can create an arbitrary amount of the native currency, it is equivalent to the admin already having a huge amount of that native currency, and just keeping it aside. There's only an optical difference between the two cases, and in any event this can be removed at the application level. For example, the application can track how much native currency is owned by this admin, and subtract that from the total displayed.