"Transaction fee too large for fee policy" while uploading data to stream

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I have a blockchain running on Multichain where I enabled native currency and fees. I kept relay-fees = 10000000(0.1 coins) as I have currency upto 8 decimals. My scenario is that I generated a new address and transfered 1 coin on that address, now I am using that address to publish data on the stream, so I am able to publish upto size 750 bytes, anything greater than that it gives me error "Transaction fees too large for fee policy". Please correct me if I wrong but I guess relay-fees is per KB of data so it's approximately 0.1 coins for 1000 bytes of data and as the address has 1 coin so it should be able to publish around 7-8 KB of data. Could you please direct me in what I am doing wrong? Much help appreciated.
asked Mar 12, 2018 by Mayank