Can admins be notified that someone tried to join their chain?

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If I try to join a chain, I get a message that the blockchain was successfully initialized, but I do not have permission to connect. I then have to email/text/slack the message to the admin, who runs it and gives me permission to join.

Is my attempt to join logged on the blockchain, so that the admin could check for joining requests on the blockchain, removing the need for this out-of-band communication?

asked Sep 30, 2018 by kf106

1 Answer

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So there isn't yet an official way to do either query failed connections, or be notified of them.

But if you run multichaind with the parameter -debug=net you'll see lines like this in debug.log:

2018-09-30 12:08:19 mchn: Connection from 1CAnRYfXpTUKtHe45d9NonmSjnqvLeRdQD7MuH received on peer=1 in verackack (
2018-09-30 12:08:19 mchn: Permission denied for address 1CAnRYfXpTUKtHe45d9NonmSjnqvLeRdQD7MuH received from peer=1

Perhaps as an interim measure you can roll something which looks for these in recent lines of debug.log?

answered Sep 30, 2018 by MultiChain
That will do for now, and only the admin nodes need to run with it. In future it would be great if there was a "request to join" transaction or key/value pair on the root stream that could be searched for.