Can we use MultiChain for academic research/testing for free?

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I have a class of 5 graduate students at Regis University, College of Computer & Information Sciences, Denver, CO.  We want to experiment with MultiChain on a Linux Hadoop Cluster.  We'd like to see if we can store information using HDFS or HBase across the cluster of 6 machines.  We are running 64-bit, Linux Centos 7.x  on the machines.  This appears to be supported by your installation documentation.

Is there a cost for experimenting with MultiChain for the research at an academic institution?  It will not be used as a commercial product.

We may want to also install it on a Windows machine as an alternative server on the same network to have at least two Blockchain instances running.
asked Sep 18, 2018 by robemaso

1 Answer

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There's no cost for experimentation, whether for academic purposes or not. You only need a commercial license under specific circumstances, as detailed here:
answered Sep 19, 2018 by MultiChain