Unable to connect to another node tho permission granted

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Environment and setup

Ubuntu vm (18.04) with two user accounts.

Each user has installed a copy of MC, the first user being the seed node.


(1) When attempted to connect to the first node (seed node) from node 2, a wallet address was presented.

(2) Granted connect permission to this wallet address from Node 1.  It produced a hash.

(3) listpermissions command indicated the 'connect' permission has been granted to the wallet for node 2

(4) Attempted to connect to Node 1 from Node2 using either

multichaind mychain -daemon


multichaind mychain@ipAddress:port

produced error,  error setting up RPC ... bind address already in use, unable to bind.

I thought it could be network proxy issue, so, I set the vm network proxy to use automatic, manual and disabled respectively but none helped.

What could we do?

asked Aug 1, 2018 by aspring

1 Answer

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If the address is already in use, this likely means that another copy of MultiChain is already running on the second node, and this should be stopped first.

Another less likely possibility is that MultiChain's random choice of node for P2P connections just happens to clash with some other service running on this system. You can do this to find out:

telnet localhost <port>

Where <port> is the number after the colon in the node address retrieved from noe 1.

answered Aug 2, 2018 by MultiChain
Thanks for the response.  Now I think one ubuntu with two user accounts won't work for setting up two MC nodes.

My attempts of setting one MC node as a seed node on a ubuntu vm works, however, other nodes were unable to connect to it.  Maybe it's an issue of the way networking and port work under such setting.

As described earlier, with the seed node on a windows 10 box and then have other MC nodes connect to it, works fine.  However, then, we are unable to run command interactive under Windows dos shell.  That's ok for now.

Currently, i have 3 MC nodes and am "playing" (learning about) streams.
You can run multiple nodes on a single Ubuntu box. In that case you need to use the datadir, port and rpcport runtime parameters to prevent them clashing with each other.
Good to know, thanks.