Server is not initiated for the first node.

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using windows 10 

steps 1 : multichain-util create chain1

Step 2 : multichaind chain1 -daemon

please see below the steps 

C:\Users\GAURAV\Workspace\MultiChain\multichain-windows-1.0.5>multichain-util create chain1

MultiChain 1.0.5 Utilities (latest protocol 10011)

Blockchain parameter set was successfully generated.
You can edit it in C:\Users\GAURAV\AppData\Roaming\MultiChain\chain1\params.dat before running multichaind for the first time.

To generate blockchain please run "multichaind chain1 -daemon".

C:\Users\GAURAV\Workspace\MultiChain\multichain-windows-1.0.5>cat ~/.multichain/chain1/params.dat
'cat' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\GAURAV\Workspace\MultiChain\multichain-windows-1.0.5>multichaind chain1 -daemon

MultiChain 1.0.5 Daemon (latest protocol 10011)

Looking for genesis block...
Genesis block found

Other nodes can connect to this node using:
multichaind chain1@

Listening for API requests on port 4758 (local only - see rpcallowip setting)

Node ready.



no Response after this waited for 15 min


asked Jun 27, 2018 by Gaurav

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On Windows, the cat command is not available. You should open the file in NotePad instead, at the location shown in the 'Getting Started' tutorial.

After starting up the node as you did, you need to open a second command-line window to interact with it.

In general, please look out for the Windows hints in the blue boxes on the 'Getting Started' page.
answered Jun 27, 2018 by MultiChain