Multichain full node adapter & native currency

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Dear all,

got around quite nicly. However Wordpress adapter of my curency CCC display balance of native currency, but not balances of the users. In contrast using the Web-APi, where balances of user addresses are showing up. Only in interactive mode "send 1C8wd6Hr3KMZUeUKhB3jhdRsiE1UxyRpFewXGD 20" the amount is transferred and can be seen later on the Web-Api.

2 Questions:

In WordPress how can I get the adapter to show native currency (not assets) balances of user addresses so users can send units to each other via Worpress plugin?

On the Web-API assets can be send, but not native currency - how to?

If interested, I can get you access.

I really do appreciate your work and that we can make use of it...


colorum: getinfo

    "version" : "1.0.4",
    "nodeversion" : 10004901,
    "protocolversion" : 10010,
    "chainname" : "colorum",
    "description" : "MultiChain colorum",
    "protocol" : "multichain",
    "port" : 7721,
    "setupblocks" : 60,
    "nodeaddress" : "colorum@",
    "incomingpaused" : false,
    "miningpaused" : false,
    "walletversion" : 60000,
    "balance" : 827850.00000000,
    "walletdbversion" : 2,
    "reindex" : false,
    "blocks" : 16558,
    "timeoffset" : 0,
    "connections" : 0,
    "proxy" : "",
    "difficulty" : 0.00001526,
    "testnet" : false,
    "keypoololdest" : 1528449942,
    "keypoolsize" : 2,
    "paytxfee" : 0.00000000,
    "relayfee" : 0.00001000,
    "errors" : ""
asked Jun 8 by Klaus

1 Answer

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In order for the node to track the balance of an address, that address needs to be added to the wallet using the importaddress command. It's recommended to do this with multiple addresses simultaneously, so the rescanning operation only needs to be performed once. This looks for old transactions involving those addresses.

answered Jun 10 by MultiChain