signRawTransaction is not signining

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I have  2 of 2 multisig address and the private key of those address stored in wallet. i have created an asset using that multisig address.

now i want to issue the asset from multisig address to other address but using raw transaction.

here i want two different person(belongs to multisig address) to sign it separately on their own.

so i performed following step- 

createrawsendfrom 4GUoGwLmqG6BeTE8dx2DWTWCqKbrCfN7uYtypF '{"1PpwB7YosnV3p9nqqn9Uoic4C3aC8KCfkS84am":{"asset9":500}}' '[]' ''

i get hex from the first operation

signrawtransaction hex [privateKey1]

signrawtransaction hex [privateKey2]

i am getting {hex:'some random hex',complete:false}

why i am getting {complete:false} everytime i sign  ?

asked May 28, 2018 by anshuman

1 Answer

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You have to specify prevtx parameter in signrawtransaction when signing multisigs. scriptPubKey and redeemScript parameters are mandatory.

Please see

for example.

You can use createrawtransaction as described in that example. Or if tx was created with createrawsendfrom,  you should use decoderawtransaction to extract txid and vout for prevtx.
answered May 29, 2018 by Michael