Create a raw transaction

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I have three multichain nodes i.e. Supplier , OEM and Customer . Supplier is the admin node and the other two nodes are child nodes i.e. OEM and Customer are pointing to the admin or seed node i.e. Supplier.

So I want to transfer an asset from Supplier to the OEM . Supplier has an asset called "compact CD" and OEM has an asset called "Finished Good CD". Now I want to transfer some units of asset from Supplier to OEM .

For this I am creating a raw transaction. So my Node JS API is making a POST Request Call and method is checking :

1. PrepareLockUnspent for that Entity and assetInfo.

2. Creating a raw transaction

3. But if Setp 2 is success then I am signing a transaction .

So the issue which i am facing is :

What should be the Request Object for this approach or Is there any approach which we can try on the command prompt itself using some set of commands of multichain so as to create a raw transaction?

Multichains and everything other is running on Windows OS :: Please note this !!

If I can get a JSON Request object with some hardcoded values then  It would be of great help !!
asked Mar 13, 2018 by ss_developer

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First I'm not sure why you're using raw transactions for this instead of a simple sendasset call.

In any event you will find tons of examples of raw transaction API usage in this tutorial:
answered Mar 13, 2018 by MultiChain