Can Multichain blockchain be used in access control system

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I am working on a product called access control system(Employees swipes their employee badge or enter pin to have access to floors/door/building in an organization).

We have centralized database connected to some devices(these devices also has 1GB memory and database, and some data is synched into this database from central database based on certain conditons). These data is used to validate to provide access to employees when they swipe the badge.

Can you please let me know whether i can use multichain blockchain or you can also guide me to use other frameworks.
asked May 20, 2018 by Anjaya

1 Answer

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Yes, this could be a good use case for MultiChain streams, where the information relating to each user's access is written into the stream under a particular key which identifies that user.
answered May 21, 2018 by MultiChain