Ethereum blockchain VS Multichain in access control mangement

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Hello, I have simple question

in ethereum blockchain to give someone a permission to access the transaction they using pub/priv keys to give permission and they can access the transactions. How can I do that ?


for example:

Paitent A wants to give a permission to doctor B to access the health records ? how that can be done in multichain and which parameter I use ? and how does the access steps would be?

thank you so much
asked Apr 6, 2022 by musharraf90

1 Answer

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I'm afraid you can't do read access control like this, using the blockchain platform directly. Every transaction is visible to every node, as a matter of basic architectural design.

If you want to control read access on a per-item basis like this, the recommend strategy is to encode the data before publishing it on the chain, and then the key for the item can be shared with the reader off-chain.
answered Apr 6, 2022 by MultiChain