referance information to setup a multi-chain for different stck exchanges with virtual coins

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i plan to setup a environment to exchange the stocks of 3 companies, let's say A, B, C company stocks,

and all can exchange with a virtual coins (also in multi-chain)

could someone can help where i can find the reference information about

how do i start to do with 4 chains in multi-chain

and how do i guarantee one exchange the stocks and also exchange the coins at the same time ??

that is ,

if X buy A company stocks from Y

Y will transfer A company stocks to X

and at the same time

X will transfer the coins to Y

any one help ??

thanks in advance

Mike Chen
asked Apr 19, 2018 by mike chen

1 Answer

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The most important thing is to do this all on one blockchain – that's what makes safe atomic exchanges possible. Here's the tutorial to get you started:
answered Apr 19, 2018 by MultiChain