Install web demo in windows 10

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Hello all,


Can someone support me in installing the web demo in windows 10.

I extracted the web demo folder to my desktop and made all the relevant changes to the config file.


According to the readme, I dont need to install anything, but how do I launch the web demo?

It does say "Based on where you installed the web demo", but the guide doesnt say anything about installing it somewhere?


Furthermore, what does cat ~/.multichain/chain1/multichain.conf 

grep rpc-port ~/.multichain/chain1/params.dat do?

I need to adjust it for windows, but then I need to know what it does and the guide doesnt say what it does.


Many thanks,



asked Apr 13, 2018 by silox

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The web demo is described to run under web serving software that supports PHP, so you would need to begin by configuring that.

The cat command just shows you the contents of a file, so you can achieve something similar by opening it in NotePad. And the grep command just extracts a line containing some text from a file. You can ignore these commands and install just adjust config.txt using pieces of information manually extracted from the multichain.conf and params.dat files.

answered Apr 15, 2018 by MultiChain
But I have currently php configured via IIS, but I can't figure out how to get it running through that. Do I place the webdemo folder in my wwwroot?
Yes, exactly that!
Got it working, excellent! thanks. Now having issues with connecting to the node, but Ill write it in another ticket