preparelockunspentfrom without an atomic transaction

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I am building an application using multichain and would like the ability to 'slowly' transfer some quantity of an asset from one address to another.  It will probably use an intermediate QR code to facilitate the transfer and could take a couple of minutes to a few days before it is completed.  If at all.   the creator of the transfer needs the ability to cancel said transfer.

So... Questions:
a:  Can I use prepareunlockunspentfrom to 'lock' the specific quantity of that asset, get a txid and then use "lockunspent true" to unlock it if the sender cancels:

b:  Can I convert that txid from prepareunlockunspentfrom into a 'send' or would I just cancel the reserved funds and immediately issue a 'send' ?
asked Apr 11, 2018 by Robert

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I'm not sure why you would lock anything in this case. When you're ready to transfer some funds, make the transfer. Before that point, what is the purpose of locking the quantity?
answered Apr 15, 2018 by MultiChain