atomic exchange transaction but with a different receiving address

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Hi Multichain folks,

Let's say there are 3 addresses. Address01, Address02 and Address03.

Address01 has 100 units of AssetA

Address02 has 1000 units of AssetB

I want to do an atomic exchange of AssetA with AssetB but instead of AssetB going to Address01, I want it to go to Address03.

Is that doable with the atomic exchange API?
asked Sep 19, 2017 by StevenChan

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Not with the high level atomic exchange API, but you can use lower level API calls to achieve this. Instead of createrawexchange, you would use preparelockunspentfrom (with Address01), createrawtransaction (with the inputs from preparelockunspentfrom and Address03 as the destination) and signrawtransaction with SINGLE|ANYONECANPAY

answered Sep 20, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Sep 20, 2017 by StevenChan
Since I read the tutorial about Atomic exchange is it Low or high level API that this page try to elaborate ?
what are the high level atomic exchange API?
and What are the low level API?
The high level API is the commands that end in "exchange", like createrawexchange or appendrawexchange.