Use of node's keys wallet's keys

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I am using my blockchains for data storage and retrieval, I understand that when a new node is created, 4 keys are started, two keys (one public and one private) correspond to the node and two other keys (one public and one private) correspond to the wallet

What are the keys used for the nodes? What are the wallet keys used for? When I write in a Stream what key do you use? Where are these keys stored?
asked Apr 5, 2018 by Julian

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First, only a single key pair (and therefore address) is generated automatically, and this is used for both handshaking when connecting to other nodes, and for signing transactions by the wallet. But a node can generate as many key pair as it likes, and each will have a different address.

In any event, the keys are stored in the wallet.dat file inside the blockchain directory.

And for all operations, if the node has multiple key pairs, you can choose which one is used. See for example the handshakelocal runtime parameter, and all the *from API commands.

answered Apr 5, 2018 by MultiChain