Node.js module to talk to multichain CLI

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I need a Node.js module so I can integrate my Node app with Multichain as an underlying blockchain. I stumbled upon node-bitcoin (, but looking at the available commands (, I cannot see anything related to streams. And in general the module is quite old - last change is from 3yrs ago.

Is anyone using some other node-to-multichain module that I haven't found out or maybe something that they have developed on their own?

asked Apr 1, 2018 by milkncookiez

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There are currently several libraries that enable interaction with a running multichain blockchain.
The one you're looking for is It hasn't been maintained for a while, but it should do the trick for most of the API calls.

For other libraries you should look at the bottom of this page:
answered Apr 2, 2018 by Rachelle
selected Apr 2, 2018 by milkncookiez