Invalid or Unrecognized response from RPC API

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I created a software that will use Multichain as a Centralized database. Data stored here

are user information and some Process information.


During development I used my local PC as a node and my program will connect to it. In this stage I don't  encounter any problem. But when I tried using a docker or aws, most of the times I got an error "Invalid or Unrecognized server response". I am thinking that it is related to multiple request being sent to the Multichain API. My current countermeasure for now is create a local node on my PC and then connect to the docker or aws node. But I need it to be deployed in AWS for testing purposes. Any idea why is this happening?


More info:

API Wrapper used: Lucid Ocean C# RPC Wrapper.

Docker/AWS Node OS: Linux

My OS: Windows 10

Developed using ASP .NET Core 2.0


Hope you can help me.


Thank you in advance!
asked Jun 4, 2018 by arkmeje

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There's no problem sending multiple requests to the MultiChain API.

I'm afraid we can't ourselves comment in depth on the Lucid Ocean C# wrapper, but you can always try communicating directly with the node, using multichain-cli on one computer, to connect to multichaind running on another. (If you run multichain-cli with no parameters, you'll see how to pass the relevant options to do this.) This may give you more debugging information, to see the request that is sent and the response that is received, if any.

The most likely explanation is that your node is not accepting incoming API requests from the place you are sending them from, and this can be solved using the rpcallowip runtime parameter for multichaind.

answered Jun 5, 2018 by MultiChain