What is the timeout of RPC?

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We used Java to exec the RPC (sendasset) of Multichain,

But no response in 5 seconds, we killed the Java thread.

However,  the transaction  was successful​ on blockchain 3 minitues later.

We want to know:

1, what is the default timeout of RPC?

2, how we judge a RPC is successful or not?




asked Mar 21, 2018 by allain

Did you add your IP  as rpcallowip parameter in the multichain.conf for your blockchain ?
yes. RPC worked well for many days, it just just happened to be wrong.

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The most likely explanation I can think of is that the node was locked in some very long process, so it took it a long time to finish processing the API request. For example, another very long API call happening at the same time, or perhaps processing some blocks with a very large number of transactions. Does anything like that make sense to you?
answered Mar 22, 2018 by MultiChain