What RPC calls are independent of the multichain wallet?

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Hi Multichain folks,

With the various threads on getblock and maintaining balances outside the wallet, I'm wondering what RPC calls are independent of the addresses in the multichain wallet? Let's say 2 nodes are connected and in sync, which RPC calls would return me the same data and which RPC calls would return different data that depended on the addresses in the wallet?

I figure all the RPC calls to do with wallet management would be wallet dependent, but any other RPC calls?
asked Oct 23, 2017 by StevenChan

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Great question. Here are some non wallet-related API calls that can return different results for different nodes:

  • getruntimeparams since runtime parameters can be different for different nodes.
  • getinfo since some of the fields are specific to that node.
  • listassets, liststreams, listupgrades and listpermissions use blockchain ordering but if there are unconfirmed new assets, streams, upgrades or permissions, those could appear in different orders on different nodes.
  • All API calls with a local-ordering parameter can give different orders on different nodes if that parameter is set to true. And in any event, unconfirmed items (e.g. stream items) can appear on different nodes in different orders for these APIs.
  • All API calls relating to peer-to-peer connections or the memory pool.
Note that this list covers only those API calls documented on the MultiChain site here: https://www.multichain.com/developers/json-rpc-api/
answered Oct 25, 2017 by MultiChain