Can't sent asset after import private key

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Hi multichain team,

I create address on Node A and i have asset balance on that address,

than i import that address to Node B with private key, i check balance address on Node B and show same balance on node A, but when i try sent that asset from node B, there error Insufficient funds

This is my command on node B:

getaddressbalances Aocoj91ZHury4aA4vaKWufZxXAB3gH2dCPEXGb        

        "name" : "USD",
        "assetref" : "57-266-19933",
        "qty" : 15.00000000


sendassetfrom Aocoj91ZHury4aA4vaKWufZxXAB3gH2dCPEXGb AbrapUii3pFgN1tDXN2r16PHnc3VYx6byyE3dg USD 10

error code: -6
error message:
Insufficient funds


Thank you
asked Mar 8, 2018 by apasiboy
Please post the command you used to import the address into Node B.
i use this :
importaddress Aocoj91ZHury4aA4vaKWufZxXAB3gH2dCPEXGb true

than importprivkey VFT6dVFY2pNCoD8gbqNMukG655gsJaGGqvuvFEhqfHRuDM6JaT7jU7oZ true

i have try restart my node but the result is same

1 Answer

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Based on your description, this sounds like it may be a wallet bug when you import an address then subsequently import its private key, since the first step is superfluous. You can check this in one of two ways:

  • Starting with a new node, use importprivkey only, not calling importaddress first.
  • On an existing node showing the problem, stop the node then restart multichaind with the -rescan parameter.
answered Mar 11, 2018 by MultiChain