assets still locked after SignRawTransaction with incorrect invalid key

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is there any way to unlock assets after SignRawTransaction with invalid private key?

1- i used createrawsendfrom to prepare a transaction sending the appropriate amount 

2- i used signrawtransaction to sign the transaction with private key

3- if the private key it's invalid the assets amount still locked 

any one tell me if there is a method to unlock asset amount after error when private key is invalid

asked Oct 1, 2018 by tifa88

1 Answer

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I assume you must have used the lock flag in the action parameter of createrawsendfrom, otherwise the assets would not be locked at all. In that case, you can release the lock using the lockunspent API, passing true in the unlock parameter. If you pass no more parameters, all outputs will be unlocked.

answered Oct 2, 2018 by MultiChain
i have another problem when i restart the blockchain all locked assets will be unlocked
is there any way to keep the locked assets locked after restart blockchain??
The MultiChain node does not currently preserve the locked state of assets between restarts. This is an issue we're aware of for future enhancement.